All-Canadian Wedding Photo is Now a Viral Sensation

A very (very) Canadian wedding photograph has gone viral in a major way.

And we’re not surprised.

Instead of a bridal party, the key players in the photo – aside from the bride and groom of course – were 11 horses and riders from the RCMP’s Musical Ride.

Behind the photo is 30-year-old wedding photographer Megan Smith, who’s run a photography business based in St. John’s, Newfoundland with her husband for the past five years.

The whole thing, however, was the idea of the now newlyweds. When they heard the Musical Ride was booked to perform in tiny Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, RCMP officer Steve Howlett and his bride Naomi suggested the idea to Smith of a wedding photo with the equestrian team.

Smith agreed – but it wasn’t an easy task to execute.

The shoot involved a tight space, and just five minutes to shoot. Adding to the wedding day pressure, the Musical Ride was running a little behind schedule, according to The Toronto Star.

“I didn’t have time to fool around with lighting,” Smith said. “Believe it or not, we’re actually wedged between two buildings; the space was really tight.”

Despite the challenges, everything worked out. Smith used a 35-mm. lens on her D7000 Nikon to fit all of the horses into the photo and prevent distortion.

Not surprisingly, business inquiries have since skyrocketed for the Smiths.