Alberta Moves to Ban Anyone Under 18 from Using Tanning Salons

We’re not sure how tanning salons still exist when we’re all well aware of the dangers associated with ‘faking and baking’.

And yet, even though strip clubs are a dying business in Canada, tanning salons seem to be holding strong.

On a positive note, however, Alberta has moved to ban all minors from tanning salons.

Though that killer tan may not come as easy for Alberta teens, at least they’ll be less likely to develop skin cancer by their 25th birthday.

The Skin Cancer Prevention Act – which was introduced yesterday – would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds. Taking it a step further, the proposed law would also prohibit advertising targeted at minors about tanning beds and ban self-service artificial tanning equipment in public spaces.

As for the tanning salons, they would be required to post warnings regarding the health risks of indoor tanning.

Not that we need to tell you (but we will anyway), those ultraviolet rays that are responsible for disguising pasty winter skin, are also responsible for an increase in risk of young people developing skin cancers.

This includes potentially deadly melanoma. 

Because education doesn’t seem to be enough for social media-obsessed teenagers, we can only hope that the law is passed in the coming months – and that other provinces follow in Alberta’s lead.

We don’t expect the tanning salons to take this lying down, but as far as we’re concerned they can shove it where the sun don’t shine.


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