Alberta Leaders Tense as Greta Thunberg Announces Visit

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is coming to Alberta.

The 16-year-old Swede, who has become a celebrity for confronting world leaders about their inaction on climate change, will make her way north after enjoying the great outdoors of the Mountain States. Wait till she sees the Canadian Rockies!

Greta has not disclosed her agenda for the visit. Leaders of the province and economy nevertheless reacted with concern.

“We trust that Ms. Thunberg will recognize Alberta’s leading human rights and environmental standards, especially in comparison to oil-producing dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela — which she will presumably visit next — as well as major growing emitters like China,” said Christine Myatt, a spokeswoman for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

Better human rights than Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and China. That’s a hell of a standard.

It should be noted that we produce more greenhouse gases and use more energy per capita than Saudi Arabians, Russians, and the Chinese. And of all other G20 member countries, for that matter.

Energy Minister Sonya Savage was also defensive upon hearing of Greta’s sojourn. “If she is coming here to lecture in the middle of a federal election, it won’t be appreciated by the hundreds of thousands of hard-working people in our oil and gas sector who are proud of the work they do to provide growing world demand for energy with the most responsibly produced energy anywhere on the planet,” she wrote. She, too, pointed to Saudi Arabia and Iran as places Alberta Is Better Than.

That’s a lot of angst about a child coming to check out the scenery!

Not everyone in the province is uneasy, of course. Lee Crowchild, Chief of the Tsuut’ina Nation, called Thunberg his guest and said “we will do what we need to do to have you speak to the province with the voices of the Alberta Nations.”