Alanis Morissette Updates “Ironic” with Hilarious Snapchat, Netflix, and Tinder References

Alanis Morissette’s hit single “Ironic” now makes sense for those who were too young to remember belting out the original.

Twenty years after her Jagged Little Pill album catapulted her into international stardom, Alanis (who we told you stole the show at the Junos earlier this year) performed a modern day version of the album’s third single, “Ironic,” on The Late Late Show on Monday.

And it’s pretty amazing.

The duet with host James Corden incorporates modern staples/ailments like Snapchat, iPhones, Netflix, Tinder, social media, and vaping and our daily trials and tribulations with them.

A sample of some of the lyrics include:

“An old friend sends you a Facebook request and you only find out they’re racist after you accept…”

“It’s like they announce a new iPhone the day after you buy it…”

“It’s like swiping left on your future soulmate…”

“It’s ten thousand male late-night hosts when all you want is just one woman, seriously.”

It wasn’t just modern life Alanis made fun of – she even took a jab at herself with the line “It’s singing ironic but there are no ironies,” referencing the widely held pet peeve that the original lyrics don’t actually reflect ironic instances.

Paying homage to the original video, Alanis and James Corden wore blue sweaters and red beanies.

Check it out for yourself – and be prepared to have the original stuck in your head all day (and there’s nothing ironic about that).