Al Gore and Pharrell Are Throwing the World’s Biggest Party for the Environment

Brazen environmentalist and actual 2000 presidential election winner (we can say that now, right?) Al Gore has teamed up with hat aficionado Pharrell Williams to a produce a concert series that will span all seven continents and demand action on climate change. 

It will also attract a Coachellaesque 100+ artists. 

Held on June 18th, Live Earth 2015 will take place in major stadiums across China, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and the U.S, and is expected to draw a global audience of two BILLION people via TV, radio, and online coverage. 

Consider it the biggest party on earth for earth.

The pair announced the event today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and it will be used to generate momentum for environmental action ahead of a significant climate pact this December in Paris, the city chosen to conclude Live Earth. 

Though the roster hasn’t yet been announced, we expect environmentally-titled acts like Green Day, The Roots, and 5 Seconds of Summer to be invited… 


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