Airbnb Now Wants to Help You Plan Your Dream Vacation

Think Airbnb is just a cheap alternative to hotels? Think again.

The popular room-renting website is testing a new mobile app that will give users recommendations for local restaurants and attractions – kind of like having a hotel concierge in your pocket.


A test version of the software is called Airbnb Trips, according to an Android app listing on the Google Play Store. On the app, you can find personal itineraries with updates on Airbnb rentals, city guidebooks, dining and happy hour events, Bloomberg reports.

In addition to the app, Airbnb is reportedly going to launch a program in November that will allow hosts to make money by acting as mini tour guides on the side.

Both are interesting moves for the company – a trip planning app would make the website more of a one-stop shop, similar to industry giants like Expedia and TripAdvisor.


While the app is currently “unreleased,” Airbnb spokesman Nick Papas confirmed that the company is “continually experimenting with new things” and has some “exciting” initiatives in the works.

Considering the increasing popularity of the site in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, we think an update like this can’t come soon enough.