Bumped Air Travel Passengers Can Soon Be Compensated Up to $2,400

Anyone who’s been bumped from a flight will likely recall a short-term nightmare that followed.

The good news that starting this summer you could at least be paid for your nightmare.

Beginning on July 15th, airlines will be required to compensate passengers up to $2,400 if they are bumped for reasons within the airline’s control. Of course, airlines will fight to the death in claiming what’s not in their control, but still, there is hope.

For situations beyond the airline’s control, airlines must still ensure the completion of a passenger’s itinerary.

The ruling is part of the Canadian Transportation Agency’s new Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which one hell of a document.

“Our goal was to provide a world-leading approach to air passenger rights that would be predictable and fair for passengers while ensuring our air carriers remain strong and competitive,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement. “Buying an air ticket can be a big expense for Canadian families, and we expect the airline to honour their end of the deal. An airline ticket is a contract for service and it imposes obligations on both the airline and the traveller.”

Other notable passengers protections kicking in on July 15th include:

  • – Compensation up to $2,100 for lost baggage as well as a refund of any baggage fees paid for the lost bag.
  • – Allowing passengers to leave the airplane during tarmac delays of more than three hours if it is safe to do so and there is no likelihood of imminent take-off
  • – Clear communication of updates, passenger rights, and recourse during flight delays and cancellations

Further regulations take effect starting December 15th, including:

  • – Rebooking or refunding passengers when flights are delayed, which includes getting passengers to their final destination on a competing airline if necessary
    – Compensation of up to $1,000 for flight delays and cancellations within an airline’s control that are not safety-related
  • – Providing passengers food, drink, and accommodation when flights are delayed
  • The protections apply to all flights to, from, and within Canada, including connecting flights.