Air Canada Launches Platform to Crowdfund Your Next Trip

Instagram tells us millennials can be characterized by a perpetual sense of wanderlust combined with heavy FOMO and bouts of restlessness when it comes to staying in one place for too long without a change of scenery.

The only problem is that traveling isn’t exactly cheap; flights can make a major dent in the wallet.

And, as we told you yesterday, Canadians are cutting their summer travel and recreation spending by 25 per cent.

Enter Embarq, a group travel gifting site by Air Canada that allows friends and family to contribute to the cost of your next big trip.

This could mean a honeymoon, a graduation gift, a ‘do-good’ trip to more disadvantaged parts of the world, or when you need to fly overseas for a funeral.

It could even mean your wild bachelor or bachelorette party in Vegas.

All you have to do decide on a destination and create a profile. You can then invite friends and family to chip in by sharing through social media. It functions like any other crowdfunding site, whereby users specify a goal and have a certain number of days to reach that goal.

The total amount contributed is put onto an Air Canada eGift Card that can be redeemed at any time.

Now, that’s a gift card that won’t sit in a drawer for years.