After a Groom Called Off His Wedding, The Bride-To-Be Fed the Homeless with $35K Wedding Feast

It’s pretty much every bride’s worst nightmare: everything’s been paid for, the last-minute details have been sorted, you’ve had your final fitting for your wedding dress….then the groom bails.

That’s exactly what happened to 27-year-old Quinn Duane, when her groom got cold feet less than a week before the wedding (yeah, I’d kill him too).

Instead of calling the whole celebration off, however, the bride’s family did something remarkable, and turned a devastating situation into something positive for many, many people. They decided to invite the city’s homeless and their families for a rare night out so they could enjoy the feast originally planned for the wedding guests.

Before the wedding got cancelled, 120 guests had been invited to the fancy Citizen Hotel in Sacramento for the lavish reception, which came with a hefty $35,000 price tag. The reception included gourmet food from the hotel’s 4-star restaurant, and featured everything from salad and gnocchi to salmon and tri-tip steak.

It turned into a memorable evening for the homeless and their families — who gathered at the hotel on Saturday at the scheduled time for the wedding — who may otherwise wonder where their next meal would come from.

Though the bride wasn’t in attendance, she’ll soon jet off to Belize for what was supposed to be her honeymoon. Instead of the groom, however, she will take her amazing mom, who was the brains behind the whole altruistic operation.

Now, that’s what I call giving back.