Affordable and Effortless Art for Every Young Professional

Let’s face it – art is expensive.

And even if you can afford the pricey pieces, it’s always fun to get a little creative with your space.

Every YP’s walls could always use a little more lovin’. So with that in mind, here are some budget friendly ideas that anyone younger than your grandmother can pull off.

Trust us, your walls will thank you.  

1. Frame wallpaper
How easy is that? To make it even more budget friendly, you can frame wrapping paper. It creates instant glam in any space. You could use large panels (as seen below), or keep it less dramatic by using smaller pieces and frames – or even include it as part of a gallery wall. 

2. Drape a tapestry
This is a lazy person’s dream come true. No complicated hanging or framing procedures needed. It instantly brightens up a room with minimal effort required. If you don’t already own or want to invest in a tapestry, try using a scarf. Or better yet… 

3. Use a scarf you already have
Look in your closet for a scarf you already love. Chances are pretty high that if you bought it you already like it. Flatten it in a frame, and bam. That’s right – bam.

4. Display album covers or magazines
Frame them and hang them up in groups for instant impact. If you don’t already have some, album covers and magazines can be found at a thrift shop or flea market for less than a dollar. Huge impact on your walls, small impact on your wallet. 

5. Decorate prints using Washi tape 
No nails, hooks, or frames. All you need is some cool prints and some tape. You can print out graphics you find for free online, find interesting pictures in magazines, or purchase prints for a low price. Washi tape can be found in arts and craft stores, or ordered online for less than a cup (or two) of coffee. This idea is especially good for renters, because it won’t damage the walls.

6. Hang a map
Maps are cheap, and pretty. Find one with a unique colour scheme or even colour one in yourself to make it more interesting. 

7. Removable wallpaper
Peel. Stick. Reposition. That simple. Choose one wall to cover with a bold pattern for instant glam and personality without being too overbearing.

8. Gallery wall
Use all of the above options to create a bangin’ gallery wall. Mix and match thrifty finds, prints, patterns, materials, and frames to create a focal point that will be a great conversation starter.



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