Advanced Polls Show a 71% Increase in Voter Turnout Compared to the Last Election

Voter turnout is actually something we might not have to be embarrassed about this election.

Well, based on early results, anyway.

An estimated 3.6 million Canadians voted during four days of advance polls from last Friday to Thanksgiving Monday, which is impressive for two reasons.

1. People found time between buying food on Friday, preparing food on Saturday, eating food on Sunday and being hungover from food on Monday to hit the ballots.

2. The number of Canadians who participated in advance polls represents a 71 per cent increase compared to the 2011 federal election.

According to the CBC, some voters who were upset with the niqab debate wore face masks, and in at least one instance a potato sack to vote – perfectly legal attire if they are eligible and provide two pieces of ID.

The high voter turnout can be party attributed to initiatives like Elections Canada’s move to open temporary offices at university campuses and community centres across the country, which more than 70,000 people took advantage of. A much more significant factor, of course, is motivation spurred by the circus that has surrounded this election, especially since projections indicate that every vote could actually make a difference on October. 19.

Five more sleeps until the big day.