4 Adorable Pep Talks That Will Make Your Morning So Much Better

Some days, it can be hard to find your motivation.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who is in a perpetual state of tiredness, or maybe your newsfeed is clogged with reports of select members of the human race demonstrating unfathomable stupidity.

Whatever the case, sometimes you need a pep talk. And what better source to get your inspiration from than a tiny child?

Sure, they don’t have a lot of life experience, and they’re speaking from a purely innocent, untainted point of view. But that’s what we find so fascinating about it – after all, kids are always compelled to be doing something, while adults are always yearning to do absolutely nothing.

Demarjay Smith has a series of great pep talks on his YouTube channel, but this one is one of my favourites. On the basketball court, he takes a moment to deliver a 45-second speech that would have given Shia LeBeouf’s “Just Do It” video a run for its money.

Having one of those days where you literally hate everything? This little girl has enough positivity to balance it all out. She loves everything from her dad to her house to her hair – a simple but effective affirmation when combined with her infectious and boisterous energy. How adorable!

Who needs a little self-love? This kid certainly has enough to go around. With her repetitive but effective mantra, peppered in with additional adjectives from her mother, it just goes to show that if you believe you’re cute, beautiful, and smart, the rest will follow in confidence.

It can be real easy for kids to get carried away, so it’s important for them to have parents who keep them grounded. This adorable father-daughter combo reminds everyone to stay humble and down-to-earth, while setting high goals and pushing themselves to be the best they can be.

So if you’re prone to bad days, it may not be a bad idea to bookmark these videos. Literally, any of these would make a great cross-stitch on a pillow or motivational poster.