Add to Cart: A Tequila Tasting Held on a Private Jet that Costs $500K

This might be the definition of not drinking responsibly.

Tequila Avión, voted the world’s best tasting tequila, is officially offering “The World’s Most Expensive Tasting Flight”, that you can “Add to Cart” on their website for only $500K. 

The tasting trip may include up to 10 amigos, begins with transportation on a private Gulfstream Jet, and includes the following:

 – Accompaniment of Tequila Avión founder, Ken Austin, Chef Josh Capon and Avión Master Distiller, Alejandro Lopez

– A private butler and security detail

– A professional photographer to document the experience

– Private tour and tasting of the Avión distillery (duh)

– Private dinner at Alejandro Lopez’s family home

– Crafting of your very own Anejo varietal by selecting and harvesting an agave from the Avión agave fields and selecting their own barrel for the 2+ year aging process

– A bottle of “never released” tequila from Ken Austin’s private collection

– Two nights accommodations at Las Alamandas, one of Mexico’s most luxurious hotels

Or you could just buy a bottle of Avión Silver for $70 and spend the additional $499,930 on literally anything else.

Hey, we enjoy beautifully crafted liquor as much as the next hombre, but if you’re dropping half a million US for this experience – not to be too judgy – but you may have a drinking problem.

Or at the very least, a spending problem…

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