This is why it’s Actually Great to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Trust us, we get it.

Today can be annoying for singles at best and completely depressing at worst, inspiring a sudden disinterest in social media and a desire to get home to the reliable sweatpants and Dominoes delivery.

But in reality, Valentines’s Day could actually be the best time to be single. Earlier today, we told you that, according to the seven Greek types of love, everyone has reason to celebrate (that is, should you decide to).

We also hit up professional Toronto matchmaker Shannon Tebb – AKA “Shanny in the City” to hear her thoughts on being single on the holiday of love. As she reminded us (thank you, Shanny), there are many perks.

“You really have your own agenda to do whatever you want with whoever you want,” says Tebb. “This is a great opportunity to gather up some friends and host a potluck or a night out on the town drinking martinis and discussing how you are evolving as a Single in the City.”


Let’s not forget the fact that, if you do go out on the town, any fellow intriguing solo-riders whose gaze you catch are more likely to indeed be 100 per cent single compared to your typical Saturday night. In fact, Dashing Date is even hosting Canada’s largest speed dating event tonight in cities across the country (resulting in some interesting “how did you meet?” stories).

Not to mention being single on Valentine’s Day saves you a lot of stress.

“Riding solo on VDay saves you money and is definitely less stressful not having to worry about what to buy your significant other,” says Tebb. “On this day, it has been proven that expectations can grow enormously, so no need to worry about impressing someone and going above and beyond only to receive a simple thank you.”

Tebb says that Valentine’s Day is also a time to celebrate and yourself (even if that means a bottle of cheap wine and a face mask at home). “Valentine’s Day is also a day to spoil yourself with that Spa Gift Certificate you received from Christmas that you’ve been meaning to use,” says Tebb. “Or venture out of the city for a few days over the weekend for a recharge.”


Or, you can just ignore the whole day all together.

“Most singles that have been single for a long period of time, really just treat this day as any other. Sure you might wear red to signify the day, but in the end you go to bed with a smile on your face not falling for those needy past flings who have all of a sudden just popped back into your life asking you “Hey how are you?.”

“You’re in control of your actions and don’t have to answer to anyone, which is a great feeling,” says Tebb. Amen to that.

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