Absolutely Nothing Could Kill the Vibe at Saturday’s Beringer Brunch – Not Even a Rainstorm

The skies didn’t look promising on Saturday morning.

Still, some of Toronto’s finest young professionals hit Harbourfront and boarded the Ste. Marie 1 boat in the middle of a torrential downpour.

‘Cause rain or shine, too much fun waited over on the Toronto Island to complain about a wet t-shirt or frizzy hair.

We mean, the occasion was a Beringer Brunch, complete with all its champagne-filled glory. Plus, a massive tent protecting everyone from the elements meant that the rain only made the party seem even more exclusive – isolating the fun from any passersby.

And there was a lot of fun to be had under that tent.

The day began with a champagne tasting, followed by a brunch that aptly fuelled everyone for an afternoon of drinking. Provisions Catering was dishing up Texas smoked brisket, poached eggs with hollandaise, fresh salad, and a bread and pastry station that was worth breaking a gluten-free diet for.

Of course, there was no shortage of flowing cocktails.

The Bacardi Island rum punch was a quick crowd-pleaser, as was the Grey Goose Moscow Mule – both expertly mixed by Toronto’s own The Minister Group. Naturally, the premise was also fully-stocked with bottles of Champagne Charlie Burger.

So yeah, we partied.

Though we’re willing to bet there were a few ruined pairs of shoes by the end from weather-related fatalities, the booze and beats washed away any reason to care.

For those still in the dark, the Beringer Brunch is a (wild) Toronto brunch party designed to connect young professionals in Toronto.

And we can’t wait for the next one.