A Woman Talks to a Wild Lynx like it’s a Kitty and Canada Takes a Step Back

Look, when you live in a country that needs ice to play its national sport, finishes 90% of its sentences with the word eh, and has more belief in a coffee chain than its own prime minister, stereotypes are bound to come up.

But being stupid isn’t one of them.

We live in Canada and we love it. And while our neighbours to the south may poke fun at us from time to time, we don’t mind because we know that our health care is better, we live longer, we have better air, we’re happier, and we have a lot more pride.

And then a video like this comes out and we can’t help but shake our heads and think how much it sets us back in the eyes of the world.

Lady, that’s a lynx. It’s not your ‘buddy’. What is it doing? It’s being a dangerous wild animal.

It certianly didn’t just drop off a package at the post office. And it doesn’t need to hit that LCBO in the background to get a little cray. It’s already wild ‘cause it’s on something called DNA.  

This is why we can’t have nice things. 


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