A WNBA Team is Probably Coming to Canada for the 2020 Season

Starting Spring 2020, Toronto will likely continue the tradition of being the only non-U.S. city in a major North American sports league.

That’s right, the Women’s National Basketball League is (probably) coming to Canada. The Toronto Raptors (NBA) and Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) are the other two local franchises who represent the sole Canadian outpost in their respective leagues.

While filing paperwork by no means guarantees that Toronto will be represented in the world’s most competitive women’s basketball league, there are no indications that the application will be rejected.

More challenging will be to name the as-yet-unnamed franchise. What you don’t want to do is leave such a decision in the hands of the public but, alas, that’s exactly what will happen. Of course, the last time fan voting played a major role in Canadian basketball, the Raptors were born. This is mostly to do with the fact that Jurassic Park was the most popular movie at the time. I guess Toronto’s WNBA team name, if chosen today, would be… the Toronto Spider-Men. Or, better yet, Spider-Women. Not bad, actually.

More importantly, unlike Raptors games, you’ll actually be able to afford watching professional basketball in the city.

Let’s hear it for #SheTheNorth.