A Whole Bunch of Greek Islands Will Soon Be Sold for the First Time in Generations

We already told you about 34 amazing islands for sale right here in our own backyard.

And now, according to Canadian real estate agency Knight Frank, you could soon diversify your international island portfolio by adding a few Greek oases to the mix, most of which will be on the market for the first time in generations.

“As the long-term ramifications of Greece’s financial bailout play out more fire-sales of Greek islands are expected,” the agency said in its most recent Islands Report.

Greece’s first tax on real estate, which was introduced last year, will make it unaffordable for many Greeks to keep possession of their private islands. Short on cash, they’ll be forced to sell their assets.

In another first, it’s expected that many of these islands will be sold to foreign investors – that could you be, Canadians! – instead of being passed down the family tree.

And that friends, is how you solve winter.