A Waterproof Phone Saved a Toronto Man’s Life When His Boat Capsized on Lake Ontario

Having a waterproof cell phone won’t just save you money in the event of an unplanned swim – it could save your life.

A potentially difficult rescue was made much easier thanks to the device.

A Toronto man used his phone to call for help from the water after his boat capsized in Lake Ontario.

He was able to give rescue workers his exact coordinates. Being equipped with a survival suit and a power flashlight also helped his cause.

Image: CBC/Tony Smyth

Image: CBC/Tony Smyth

The man was towing another boat when both vessels flipped two kilometres from shore. Before calling for help, the man had tried to swim ashore but the wind began to push him in the opposite direction.

When he called for help, he had been in the water for 90 minutes.

“Once we got close, he used a flashlight to signal us which was very bright and that’s when we saw him,” said Police Const. John Leggio of the city’s Marine Unit. “We went right to him and got him on our boat.”

Image: gadgetsin.com

Image: gadgetsin.com

So if you’re in the market for a new phone, we highly suggest you invest in something waterproof – or at least spring for a protective case.

Even if you’re not a boater or spend a lot of time near water, we think the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never have to bury your phone in a bag of rice again makes it well worth it. (This is not an iPhone 7 endorsement).

As for the capsized boat, police say the man will return to the lake today to retrieve it (no doubt with his waterproof phone in hand).

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