A Very Rich Person Turned the World’s Second Largest Plane Into a Private Sky Mansion

Sometimes living in a mansion just isn’t enough the uber-wealthy also prefer to fly in one.

Luxury air travel is nothing new, of course, but turning a Boeing 747-8 into a private palace in the sky is simply presidential. Airbus and Boeing’s VIP jet brands recently fulfilled the request of one incredibly rich, confidential client to convert the world’s second-largest aircraft ever built into something that wouldn’t be out of place on land in the Hamptons. 

Just look at this thing…

It features almost 4,800 square feet of leg room, a custom designed interior, a stateroom fit for a king, several immaculate lounges, and enough office amenities to make any startup weep in jealousy.

Oh, and it costs a third of a billion dollars and will one day boast the Air Force One logo. 

Like we said: presidential.



All images from: http://uk.businessinsider.com

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