A Vacation for All Seasons: This Cabin on Wheels Offers the Perfect Getaway

As a Brit abroad, I’m frequently being told not to fear winter, but to embrace it instead.

So far I have taken this to mean layers, layers ,and even more layers.

Not once did I assume that people actually meant for me to go outside and stay there – intentionally. And while I love the idea of seeing more of Canada, cabins book up fast and camping isn’t going to be an option for several more months.

Which is why the Escape Vista is now on my Easter, Birthday, and Christmas list combined; and it should be on yours too.

It’s a 160 square foot portable cabin that you can attach to a trailer and drive to WHEREVER you want. It’s made from cedar wood, has oak laminated flooring, a maple wood bathroom door, a double bed, panoramic windows, and a bookshelf.

Trailer trash, it ain’t.


Photo: Escape Vista

Photo: Escape Vista

Photo: Escape Vista

Thanks to a set of unique features, this ‘vacation cabin on wheels‘ has all the convenience of an RV, without the feeling of being in a box that you usually get. Large windows with blinds let you look out on a snowy wonderland without having to bundle up, and there are no plastic-looking veneer counter tops we’re used to seeing – the Vista uses  real wood butcher-block for the surfaces.

There’s even the option to add a pop-up TV that raises next to the bed, so you can watch your favourite shows as the night draws in. Or you can opt-in for a washing machine if your vacation home is so idyllic you never want to go back home.

While it may have the same outdoorsy feel and portable qualities, if you were hoping for a similar price tag to that of a pop-up tent, you may be a tad disappointed.

At the introductory price of $39,900 it’s not exactly going for free – but then again it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying your own island in Canada. Plus you’re not tied to one location, so when you’re ready to move on you can head to Algonquin, Lake Louise, or even Kelowna. If you have a car and an imagination, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up shop anywhere.

“Work space, guest house, AirBnB, weekend getaway, RV park, resort cottage…so many possibilities.”

So many indeed, Escape Vista. In fact, you don’t need to worry about packing extra socks if you’re heading further north, or risk overheating if you’re taking a stay during a balmy summer – the architecture is both sheltering and connected to nature, meaning it can handle extreme heat and cold. So start planning your beach side trips now.

The little home away from home is basically an adventure on wheels – which is why we’re rechristening it ‘The Littlest Hobo’.

“Maybe tomorrow, we’ll want to settle down – until tomorrow we’ll just keep moving on…”