A UK Company Has Released Underwear They Claim Will Neutralize Bad Farts

Does the below sound familiar?

You have an important work meeting today but you decided to have oatmeal for breakfast because #summerdiet right? Except you forgot that those little oats tend to tip you toward the gassy side. You sit down in the boardroom, the VP kicks off the brainstorming session, and those pesky popping noises start in your tummy.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about. And that it’s not your biggest nightmare.


We’ve all been there, whether in a boardroom, at your desk, or on a date, random on-comings of gas happen to all of us – but now there’s a solution.

A UK brand called Shreddies has released a series of garments for men and women, which include underwear, pajamas, and jeans with the sole purpose of combating flatulence.


The science behind Shreddies is that all their garments have a panel made of an activated carbon lining made from Zortex that absorbs and neutralizes the entire odor.

As all things that seem too good to be true, there’s a little “but” to this.

You have to read their suggestions on how to pass gas properly so that it gets filtered the right way. “How To Gas 101” anyone?


To read more about this smelly venture, check out their website. We can’t bring ourselves to lecture you on the art of the fart…