A U.K. University Let Students Hang Out With Micro Pigs to Relieve Stress Before Exams

If you Google ‘pre-exam stress relief’, you’ll get a bunch of suggestions to believe in yourself and keep things in perspective. 

Futile fodder, essentially, compared to a strategy employed by a student union at Nottingham Trent University (NTSU).

Their remedy to relieve revision-related anxiety was to let students hang out in a micro pig room with what are arguably the cutest animals on the planet over a two-day period. We can only assume the stress just melted away.

Look at these things!

On top of improving test scores, the initiative also raised money for local micro pig breeder Petpiggies’ guide dog charity.

“We welcome the opportunity to do things slightly differently here at NTSU, and if a creative idea can be beneficial for all parties involved then we are all for it,” said forward-thinking NTSU president Marcus Boswell.

As for summer break, there really is only one option.