Montreal’s GSOFT Office Might Just Be the Coolest in the City

This story was written in collaboration with TOWER TRIP Magazine. Story and pictures by correspondent Olivier Auger.

Software company GSOFT celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year and we were invited to explore their huge 36,000 square foot office in Pointe Saint-Charles, Montréal.

When I knew that I was going to visit the GSOFT offices, I was really excited. CEO Simon De Baene gave me an exclusive guided tour of the headquarters; a workplace of over 175 employees with customers in over 90 countries.

Their most recognized products are Sharegate, a tool that makes Office 365 & SharePoint management simpler than ever, and Officevibe, a platform that increases employee engagement by giving them a unique voice within an organization.

Simon De Baenne, president of the software development business.

Simon De Baene, president of the software development business.


The visit began with a nice cup of coffee, made by their in-home barista. This is the G-coffee/bar, and the kitchen for the lunch break. Pretty awesome. It creates that summer camp feeling where you’d rather stay in for lunch with your squad instead of venturing out in the normal world.

Une heure de lunch bien investie! #Yesimatwork #SuperMarioMaker #WiiU A photo posted by GSOFT (@gsoft_inc) on


The mini-ramp is probably the first thing you notice when you enter the office and was originally why we picked this story after noticed some of the employees sharing smooth runs on Instagram and Facebook.

Maxim Garant Rousseau getting some air!

Maxim Garant Rousseau getting some air.

Here I am, trying the ramp for the first time.

Some conference rooms are identified with skateboard brand names. Some of them easily convert into ping-pong death match arenas. Notice the ongoing chaos.

_MG_6992 _MG_6999 _MG_6952

If a team needs a quiet spot, this is the coolest meeting room ever. The open space is also organized with standing desks as well as sitting areas, lots of couches, and private meeting areas.


Having happy employees is important at GSOFT, which is why the company doesn’t hesitate to send some of its staff to Barcelona, New York or Varadero for off-site meetings and inspiration. Simon calls them G-Trips. Some of this year’s selected employees are going on a G-Trip cruise through the Caribbean.

Thanks to Maxim Garant Rousseau for the tip and our host, Simon De Baene, for the private tour.



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