A Totally Different Way to Spend Valentine’s Day

We get it – romantic gestures aren’t for everyone.

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy the weekend of the 14th with friends, partners, or potential love interests.

So if you’re looking for last minute ideas on how to make this weekend memorable, consider taking part in Cyclepalooza’s annual Winterpalooza festival; a week’s worth of fun on two wheels, and the most unconventional way to get romantic.

Red Red Wine
Starting right after work today, the Cyclepalooza organizers will be posting up at the Peace Bridge to lead a red wine and bike tour that will end in Inglewood with red wine at the Reworks Upcycle Shop.

Nice Guys…
Nice guys don’t always have to finish last. Tonight the Nice Guys Ice Race takes place and anyone who’s brave enough to race their 10-speed on less than prime roadway is invited to participate. The race starts at 7:30pm sharp at Winston Heights Community Rink and will be followed by a bonfire.

Get Naked
Whether you’re on your first or fiftieth date, invite that someone special to get naked, or close to it, on Saturday for the very public Polar Bear Run. Underwear and bathing suits are welcome for this frigid spin that will end with an awesome house party, courtesy of the festival organizers. 

Put the Love Between Your Legs
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…Get your mind out of the gutter.

In partnership with Open Streets Calgary and EcoLiving Events, Good Life Community Bike Shop is hosting a Valentine’s party tomorrow. For a small entrance fee, you’ll have the chance to rock out to local bands like the Surf Kitties and Aiwass, while enjoying five-dollar beers. 

It’s not fancy but it sure beats waiting for a table in a busy restaurant.

Anyone nursing a broken heart or a hangover will enjoy this event. On Sunday at 2pm, the Heartbreakers bike scavenger hunt kicks off at the Peace Bridge. Everyone is welcome to show up, registered or not, for an hour’s worth of adventure along the river pathway. 

For anyone who hates the ideas of candlelight and Michael Bublé tunes, trade in that nonsense for a bonfire, a little public nudity, and some outrageously loud indie music this weekend. The full line up of events can be found on the Cyclepalooza website.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Calgary. 


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