A third of Americans think the U.S. had a better COVID strategy than Canada

A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center sought to shed some light on how people felt their country has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

Turns out Canadians are overwhelmingly impressed by our federal response – 88% say Canada has done a “good” job. Meanwhile, only 47% of respondents in the United States think the same of their country’s response. That’s the lowest approval rate save for the U.K. (46% of Britons are satisfied with their country’s efforts).

And yet! Somehow, a third of Americans believe the United States handled COVID-19 better than Canada. Though not polled on the matter directly, it can be assumed that 100% of Americans respondents exist in an alternate reality. Guess that’s what happens when you’re not allowed to leave your country because it’s reacted so poorly to the crisis.

Now, our friends to the south aren’t entirely self-unaware: 77% of Americans feel their country is more divided now than before the outbreak. Only 29% of Canadians feel the same about their country. No other country comes close to feeling as divided as the United States.

The Danes, meanwhile, are thoroughly stoked about how their country has fared over the past half a year. More than any other country, respondents in Denmark feel their country is more united and has had a better response to the coronavirus. Danish residents also have the most confidence in their post-COVID economy. The lowest confidence, unsurprisingly, is in the United States.

Check out the full results here.