A Teen Died in the U.S. After a 911 Dispatcher Told His Friend She Could ‘Deal With It’ Herself

Last time we checked, being a 911 dispatcher doesn’t fall under the same category of service industry that say, a server at a restaurant might.

Which is to say, you don’t get to ask a rude customer to leave.

Especially considering that the majority of people calling to talk to you are likely in one of the most stressful situations of their lives.

And yet, when a 17-year-old had been shot in a drive-by at his friend’s house in Albuquerque in June, Matthew Sanchez, a ten-year veteran of the workforce, told a caller she could ‘deal with it’ herself after she swore at him (while clearly under intense stress). Sanchez hung up the phone while the last thing heard is the girl saying, “No, my friend is dying.”

The teen later died in hospital.

According to The Star, Sanchez has since resigned.

Listen to the recording yourself, but be warned, it will make your stomach turn.