A Survival Guide for the Impending ‘Worst Winter Ever’

Winter isn’t just coming – according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac – it’s rolling in with a vengeance.

While Environment Canada may have balmier predictions, the Almanac is expecting this year’s winter to exceed the brutality of last year’s near ice age worthy experience. And we’re putting our money on the Old Farmer’s – partly ‘cause they have a cooler name, and partly because of the accuracy of some of their previous predictions.  

But before you run out to stock up on non-perishables, here’s how you can avoid letting winter ruin everything again. Who knows, you might even get so used to your new lifestyle that you actually curse the groundhog this February when it tells you spring is coming early…

Okay, you won’t. But at least you’ll have a shot at being happy over the next six months.

Start a New Hobby
The necessity to spend time indoors bodes well for starting a new hobby or perfecting a skill; be it cooking, hot yoga, recording music, developing an app, or, a little less ambitious, finally finishing those novels that have built up on your desk over the summer. Whatever it is, winter offers a great incentive to increase productivity.

Post Up at a Fireplace
Do a little research on YP hot spots around your city with a fireplace and make it your home base over the frigid months ahead. Nothing complements a Dark ‘n’ Stormy or matcha almond milk latte like the heat and calm crackling of flames.

Ski to Work
Yes, seriously. We guarantee you’ll arrive at work before your colleagues do on those half-a-metre-of-snowfall winter days – of which we can assume at least a dozen await. Not to mention, cross-country skiing is one of the most beneficial all-body workouts you can do. Less time in a stuffy gym means more time for hobbies and fireplaces – and, admit it, you’ve always wanted to show off your street-ski style.

Six Months on the Slopes
Lake Louise Ski Resort is opening November 5th (one of the earliest to open in North America) while Whistler-Blackcomb will be open as of November 27th. Mont Tremblant, meanwhile, opens November 21 for anyone in the East. Expect a long fresh powder ski season and, again, a perfect excuse to forgo the gym for an all-around healthier and more enjoyable alternative. We’d consider a season pass for the après scene alone (fireplace included).

Host Lots of Dinner Parties
You’ll find your friends making all kinds of excuses to ditch Thursday night cocktail hour because, like, the roads are totally slushy tonight. However, they’ll be less inclined to bail on a classy culinary and cocktail-fuelled gathering at your place – remember what we said above about refining your cooking skills?

Give Back
Food, clothing, and homeless shelters are in need more than ever during the winter, so make it a goal to give back to the community. You’d be surprised how much time you can spend properly purging your closet of what’s no longer stylish and how incredibly fulfilling it is to volunteer during the holidays. Every contribution makes a difference.

If none of the above are solace enough for a frighteningly frosty half-year ahead, make Skyscanner the next tab you open and book yourself a flight to the beach.
And stay there.


Image #5: topinspired.com

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