A Spanish Pensioner is Offering $7,300 to Any Company That Will Hire His 39-Year-Old Son

This year’s frontrunner for Father of the Year is a Spanish pensioner who’s doing everything he can to land his 39-year-old son a job.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, is offering to pay 5,000 euros ($7,300 CDN) to any company that will give his unemployed son, the father of a five-year-old child who has been surviving on temporary contracts, a job.

The father’s offer was published in a local newspaper, which describes his son as “qualified, responsible and hardworking [with] a good professional record.”

His gesture is especially commendable given Spain’s dire economic situation. The country has a 23 per cent unemployment rate and just suffered the most job losses in a single day on record this Monday as tourism season winds down and temporary contracts expire. With old-age pensions as the only income in 20 per cent of households during Spain’s double-dip recession, it actually makes more economic sense to pay $7,300 for a working-age individual’s self-sufficiency.

“Before, we pensioners helped out with our grandchildren, but now unfortunately we have to look after our children as well,” said the pensioner, who has four other children in financial turmoil.

Twenty firms have since responded to the ad, none of which have inquired about the cash incentive.

Well, there are certainly worse ways to get noticed.