A Skittles Pop-Up Pawn Shop Hits Toronto on Boxing Day

If you get a bunch of useless gifts this holiday season and have a thing for Skittles, you’re in luck – at least, you are if you live in Toronto.

Beginning on Boxing Day, for five days only, a Skittles Pawn Shop will pop-up on Queen Street, allowing visitors to trade in unwanted holiday items or gifts for bags of the multi-coloured candy most of us have known and loved since childhood.

Located at 242 Queen Street West, the Skittles pawn shop will open its doors from 10am-6pm daily until December 30, inviting Torontonians to swap their gifts for sweet goodness. You can either get your items appraised in person, or find out what they’re worth in Skittles by getting it assessed online at the Skittles pawn shop website.

As clearly stated on the website’s Frequently Asked Questions page, the shop will not accept drugs, weapons, other illegal things, or garbage – so don’t even think about it.

Perhaps the sweetest part of the whole thing is the fact that all items received by the pawnshop will be donated to the Goodwill ReUse Centre in Scarborough.


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