A Shucking Good Time: Calgary Finally Has an Oyster Bar

Calgary is many things, but a coastal city it is not.

Despite the surplus of sushi spots in the downtown core, the selection of high quality seafood restaurants is sorely lacking, and up until recently, there’s been no one true destination for getting your oyster fix.

That’s where Rodney’s Oyster House comes in.

Now open to the public, and serving an impressive assortment of oysters, it’s time to put down those steak knives and try something new.

Already a dining staple in Toronto and Vancouver, Rodney’s newest location has just opened on the corner of 4th Street and 10 Avenue SW. Formerly home to the Mansion Nightclub, by far one the worst nightclubs to ever open in Calgary, the classic brick building has been re-purposed for a much better use – and one that doesn’t involve drunken teenagers.

Boasting two floors of white walls, reclaimed wood and a thematic light fixture strung with glass buoys and a fisherman’s net, this is the perfect place to stop for lunch and after work drinks.

Sourcing roughly 90% of the seafood that comes on every plate, the menu continuously rotates through a great variety of East and West coast oysters. From the small and delicate Washington State Kumamotos that are bursting with flavour, to the plump briny Virginian Cotuits that feel like a meal, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds.

Beyond the oysters, anyone who’s scarred by childhood memories of eating canned clam chowder should give this dish a second chance. Made with New Brunswick bar clams and fresh water Cape Cod quahogs, Rodney’s chowder will make you want to order seconds.  Not to mention, the smoked salmon that comes from the oldest Smoke House in Eastern Canada; another must-try dish. You really can’t leave without trying these two staples.

If you can’t stay for lunch or dinner, the Bait and Tackle Shop has also opened up just around the corner.  With a menu of grab n’ go meals, you can take something back to the office, a welcome change from the +15 food courts, or take something to go on your way out of the downtown.

However, for anyone wanting the full oyster experience, we recommend checking out the Oysters 101 class, an interactive dining event that will let you shuck and sample a few different oyster types with drink pairings.

We can promise it will be a shucking good time.


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