A Shop Local Thanksgiving Menu for the Last Minute Host

Even if you’re doing your Thanksgiving shopping last minute, you can still achieve an impressive spread if you just hit up this one surprising locale: The Market on Macleod.

Though not as visually appealing and arguably not as trendy as the city’s other big markets, that works to your advantage in this case as you won’t have to fight to find the best selection of fresh, local delicacies…or a parking spot.

The Starters

You’ve seen their name on the menus of some of the best restaurants in town, so you know you can trust Sylvan Star to provide you with the goods for a killer cheese plate. 

Their Gouda is famous, but there’s an entire stall of other options to try, so this is your chance to be bold.

For an even easier appetizer, Primal Soup Company offers award-winning and gluten-free soups ready to serve. This weekend, they’re suggesting their Mango Butternut Squash option to get your turkey dinner started off right. 

Or, if you’re really rushed and aren’t doing the big bird thing at all, you can stop reading here: they have a Turkey Dinner soup to gobble up without spending eight hours in the kitchen. 

They’re also proud of their gluten-free gravy, which will help you out with the next course. 

The Mains

If you’ve left it this late, your chances of getting a locally raised turkey are getting slimmer… but they’re not completely gone. Bowden Farms still have a small flock in stock, and Hoven Farms are expecting a last minute delivery of their free-range birds on Saturday morning.

Popular alternatives are certified organic roast beef at Hoven, free-range pork at Spraggs, or duck-anything at Green Eggs and Ham. Our pick would be the whole chickens from Bowden with packaging that tells you the name of every member of the farmer’s family, perfect if you’re having a Portlandia moment.

Entertaining a meat-free crowd is suddenly easy, with all of the produce you’ve ever dreamed of throughout the Market. Get creative by stuffing some peppers or squash, and don’t forget the Brussels sprouts still available on the stalk at Prairie Farms.

There’s also an incredible vegetarian pasta selection at the Angela’s Artisan Olives stall. There you’ll find a range of stuffed pastas, the most fitting of which are both the butternut squash and goat cheese, and roasted red pepper and artichoke (dairy-free) raviolis, as well as a sweet potato gnocchi – all made locally and with love.

The Dessert

When we said this market wasn’t trendy, we meant with the exception of Kruse’s. This bakery’s been around since 1900, but it’s kept up with the times by partnering with the Fiasco guys and selling not only their gelato, but also their handmade marshmallows.

But if you’re looking for their real specialties, it’s all about the pastry. Specially made for the holiday weekend, they’ve baked up a Cranberry Bourbon Stollen for $12.75 a loaf. 

Bourbon in baking? Yes, please.

What really blew us away, however, was their version of the German classic Beinesnstich, which subtly blends coconut, almond, and buttercream with local honey from Buzz to make an exceptional impression on your guests.

The Drinks

We’re pretty sure you know where to find Village beer and Fratello coffee, and you can stop there on your way home if you must. In the spirit of doing things differently, though, try Field Stone for wine made exclusively from Alberta berries in Strathmore. 

Their extensive list of fruit and dessert wines are all preservative and tannin free and contain minimal sulfites, which means no sneezing at the table. And isn’t that the true sign of a successful dinner? 

Don’t thank us yet, but when you you’re asked what you’re grateful for this weekend, feel free to bring us up…


Cover photo from: istock.com/bhofack2

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