A Rocket Scientist Just Helped Invent the First High Performance Stiletto

Designing a comfortable stiletto comes down to science.

Let’s face it; wearing stilettos for more than five hours at a time takes on a completely different meaning after the age of 30 than it did in university. That’s why former SpaceX executive, Dolly Singh decided to take action so that she could still pound the pavement in her Carrie Bradshaw-worthy stilettos.

Now the founder and CEO of Thesis Couture, Singh and her team are inventing what they call “the world’s first high-performance stilettos.” The shoe redistributes pressure along the foot, and is made with high-quality plastic and polymer instead of the traditional metal construction.

We have no doubt that the shoes will be a total game changer. After all, the powerful team behind their creation includes a rocket scientist, an engineer, an astronaut, a fashion expert, and an orthopedic surgeon.
While it is near impossible to make stilettos feel like running shoes (even if you’re a rocket scientist), the end result are stilettos that feel like you’re wearing wedges. Though the heel on the first model is just under three inches high, thanks to expert engineering, it will look like four inches.

Comfort, however, comes at a price: the shoes will set you back a cool $925. They’ll be available in limited quantities (as in, 1,500 of them) come fall.  

Consider yourself lucky if you get a pair. 


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