A Robot That Can Cook Pretty Much Anything Will Hit Kitchens Next Year

Sit down and get comfortable – you’re about to be presented with a healthy serving of the future.

This here robot is capable of cooking around 2,000 meals, which is considerably more than anything you can put on a table. Created by a two London-based robotics firms, one of which also happens to be working on projects for NASA, the contraption is essentially an entire kitchen that consists of two robotic arms, hob, oven, and touch screen. It can also be operated by the comfort of your smartphone.


Recipes will be available in an iTunes-style library, and the hope is that you’ll eventually be able to teach the robot new ones to master and unleash. And if all that wasn’t impressive enough, it’ll even clean up after.

According to the developer’s website, a consumer version of the robotic kitchen will be available sometime in 2017 for around $20,000 CDN.

Check it out and revel in never eating KD with ketchup and hot dogs again…