A Ridiculous Anti-Feminism Sticker Showed Up on a Toronto Subway Station

A ridiculous anti-feminism sticker from a men’s right group was spotted in a west-end Toronto subway station on Thursday – and was quickly posted on social media.

The image features a series of sexist questions to women, ending with the tagline: “How is feminism working for you?” They tackle everything from paying condo fees, to not getting dates and being 30 and unmarried.

“Hey Ladies.

You are not getting any dates? Can’t afford the high condo fees on your own? You are 30 and still not married? How’s feminism working for you? You want some answers?”

So, basically, if you’re a female and having a bad day, seeing one of these upon entry to the subway isn’t going to make your commute any better – whether you’re angered by how idiotic it is, or feel personally attacked by it.

An image of the sticker, which is credited to A Voice For Men, was uploaded on Instagram by user Andrew Cameron, accompanied by the following captain:

“Fuck this shit. Honestly. I get it. Men have issues too. Don’t be such a huge, bitter asshole about it. You’re no different from the people in that ‘rally’ that waited for the bigoted marriage rejecting judge to get out of jail. Recognize how destructive you are ffs. #misogyny disguised as #activism.”

He says the stickers have since been taken down.