A Restaurant in Tel Aviv Has Made the World’s Most Instagrammable Food

Sometimes, a dish is either so delish or such a work or art in itself that it just needs to be captured on Instagram.

Complete with the #foodporn hashtag, obviously.

Sometimes, though – despite the editing and filter choice – your Instagram shot just doesn’t do your gourmet grub the justice it deserves.

That’s why one restaurant in Tel Aviv is on a mission ensure their dishes make their way onto Instagram feeds with the most Instagramable food – and plates – possible.

Israel’s Carmel Winery has teamed up with restaurant Catit to “reconnect with a new generation of consumers – youngsters who connect with food through the lens of a smartphone.” This means that food is served on custom-designed plates that are designed to photograph as well as Gisele and Kate. But that’s just the beginning: tables are equipped with built-in phone stands, and customers can listen to Dan Perez, one of world’s top food photographers, educate them on food photography.

Oh, and the curved plates even rotate, and the restaurant features filtered lights to capture the perfect Insta shot.

Of course, the five-course set menu features food art in a rainbow of colours. And apparently, it tastes as good as it looks – providing you’re not a vegetarian.

Before they mow down, customers are encouraged to share their photo art on

Instagram with hashtag #fdgr.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you may not want to admit that to your server – doing so is kinda the same as ‘sticking with tap water’.


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