A Rainy Day Pick Me Up: The Dark and Stormy

When your friends in other cities ask why you live in Calgary, we’re willing to bet one of the reasons is because of how sunny it is. With an average rainfall in October of only 6.2 mm, we’re also willing to bet you might not even know where your umbrella is.

So on the rare days that rain does happen or dark clouds threaten your parade – fight back.

With cocktails.

Cue The Dark and Stormy, your perfect companion for an evening that lacks a sunset. And depending whether or not you subscribe to Netflix, you can choose to make it at home or head out…that is if you can find your umbrella.

What You’ll Need
– Dark Rum
– Ginger Beer (if you don’t have Crabbie’s in your fridge, you should. The non-alcoholic variety will do, too. We guess)
– Lime (please, please get real ones)
– Ice
– A cocktail glass 

How to Mix It
It doesn’t get much simpler than this: Throw a couple of ice cubes in the glass, pour in two parts dark rum. 

Notice we didn’t say you’d require a shot glass. Top with three parts ginger beer.

Again, as long as your ratio is close, it’ll be delicious. Slice up a lime wedge or two and you’re finished.

Where to Get It
National (any of them) will serve this up in their classic mason jars with cucumber instead of lime, but we’ll forgive them that since they mix it perfectly sweet and spicy. Plus, you know you that if you’re looking, you can find a kind soul to warm you up in there.

With conversation, obviously.

And as with most drinks in what is arguably Calgary’s best cocktail establishment, Milk Tiger does this one right, too. Sometimes a recipe stands the test of time for a reason, so this hip and sexy spot sticks to a classic recipe. 

Grab a seat at the back and you’ll forget all about the weather that awaits you outside.

So now you know. 

On days like these, keep your leather dry and spirits high by wetting your whistle instead.


Cover image from: tvfoodanddrink.com

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