A Production Company Spent 2 Years Making a Music Video Whenever Their Client Wasn’t Looking

Droptree Productions is a commercial production company based in Portland, Oregon. They have done commercials for Coors, JC Penny, Apple and many other big name clients. So it’s fair to say that they seem to be doing really well for themselves.

One motto you might hear on any set is “Get ready and wait”. What this means is that there could be something holding up the crew from getting the next shot. This can be a variety of things include lighting issues, a microphone could stop working, make-up could be taking longer than expected. The point is, a lot of stuff can happen.

In this case, what many of the clients may not know is that Droptree was also working on a side project whenever they had free time on set. That side project took two years and resulted in a Beastie Boys inspired hip-hop music video called “HD Delivery”. And it’s pretty dope.

Most crews would choose to wait, but Droptree chose to do something creative with their time. Now, I’ve worked as an A.D (Assistant director, who’s job is to make sure the set is running smoothly and efficiently) on multiple sets, and that part of me is screaming! But on the other hand I can’t help but love it.

Not only does the viewer get a sense of what set life sometimes looks like, but Droptree gives tips and certain realities that production companies will face in this industry through their lyrics:

“Pro tip 1! Talent Budget’s low. Put Brian in there! Client will never know!”
Sometimes you can’t afford to have background actors or more likely they drop out at the last minute. Either way, at some point a crewmember may have to step up and perform a bit part. I’ve had to be a dead body on some projects. It’s just one of the realities of the industry.

“Pro tip 2! Deal with your client! Learn to push back without seeming defiant! “
If you choose to work in a creative industry like filmmaking, graphic design, photography etc, one thing you might encounter from time to time is the ridiculous client request (There are websites dedicated to this type of thing). But like Droptree says, “But take a deep breath, and reassess. They’re signing checks and that’s your means of success!” Some clients can be ridiculous, some may not know any better. The point is take it easy and stay professional because you have bills and rent to pay.

Overall, I had a blast watching this video. The filmmaking jokes and tips in the lyrics, impressive shots and sheer determination behind the making of this music video is something to be admired, I applaud Droptree for making this masterpiece.