A Poem Found in a London Bar Has Gone Viral for the Best Reason

It’s all about perspective.

Any young professional/entrepreneur can tell you that. If you can find a way to look at a situation differently, more positively, it will make all the difference in your day, year, and even life.

This week’s latest example of the power of perspective is brought to you by, wait for it, a 17-year-old from Brooklyn. That’s right, last year, high school student Chanie Gorkin put together this inspiring poem (which then made it to the semi-final round of a contest on poetrynation.com) that offers its reader one hell of a twist ending. Or, you could say, a new beginning entirely.

After being found in a North London bar and being posted on Twitter by user Ronnie Joice, the poem has quickly gone viral.

Check out the full poem below and let us know what you think. Hopefully it helps change your day.