A Petition is Calling for the U.S. to Give Canada Some Extra Land

For all intents and purposes, Canada does not need more land.

But that hasn’t stopped one geo-warrior from calling on the Unites States to “return” a 318-square-kilometre piece of Minnesota real estate to Manitoba. An online petition requests that the White House “make America great by correcting [a] critical survey error.”

The surveying error was allegedly committed when the initial Canada–U.S. border was being negotiated based on a flawed map from the 1700s, leaving a castaway part of the United States well north of the 49th parallel. Alaska is the only more northern American territory.

The territory in question is referred to as the Northwest Angle, an awkward piece of land that can only be reached from the United States by boating across a lake or driving through Manitoba. And while there is no border security to speak of, residents are required to videophone their crossing at a reporting booth if they wish to enter or leave the Northwest Angle.

Border customs reporting booth

Border customs reporting booth at the Northwest Angle

The Angle is home to around 100 residents, so its significance is merely symbolic. As of writing, the petition has gathered around 3000 signatures. That means 97,000 more signatures are required for President Donald Trump to address the issue – or at least tweet about it.