A Notable Needle: Intravenous Vitamin Treatments at The IV Wellness Boutique

The intravenous vitamin treatment is the latest health trend to make its way north, and the IV Wellness Boutique (1060 Homer Street; 604-974-8999) is the first of its kind in the city to offer it. The treatments give high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids intravenously, and can be used to increase energy, boost the immune system, or improve mental well-being.

Just what the doctor ordered for young professionals living high-octane lifestyles. What sounds like a very clinical procedure is conducted in a remarkably comfortable setting. The boutique, which just opened its doors on Homer Street, has a spa-like feel, with a modern design, subdued lighting, and airy open space. 

Naturopathic physicians take you through the entire process, beginning with a brief questionnaire and a blood pressure test. With a glass of cucumber water in hand, you then get to take a load off in the area of your choice. The window seat puts you very visibly on display in front of puzzled passersby. The media lounge has iPads, movies, and WiFi. The social lounge has recliners circled together for groups, while the cabana area is curtained off for privacy and relaxation. 

A comprehensive menu is available with specially formulated treatments, like the Einstein (antioxidants and B vitamins to stimulate the brain), the Burnout (vitamins B5, B6, and C to boost energy), and the Hangover (no explanation necessary). Custom concoctions are also available based on a patient’s unique needs. Prices range from $125 – $180 for a single treatment. Many extended medical health benefits include naturopathic coverage, which can be used to claim all or a portion of the cost. 

Once settled in, the IV is administered with a quick needle inserted and taped to your arm. Your vitamin cocktail is mounted above, and the drip begins. A standard treatment will take 45-60 minutes to complete. Sensations are generally mild and at most will result in a slight feeling of wooziness.

The physicians check in often throughout the treatment to ensure maximum comfort. Depending on the treatment chosen, results can be noticed almost immediately. A hangover can supposedly disappear completely, and energy boosts are said to kick in as soon as the drip starts. Other treatments, like those focusing on aging or weight loss, work best as part of a long-term treatment plan. 

The IV Wellness Boutique is located at 1060 Homer Street and is open Tuesday-Sunday. Walk-ins are welcome, or appointments can be made online or by calling 604-974-8999.

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