A Notable Gift Guide for Your Man

Has wondering what to put under the tree got you stumped? Are you getting cold feet trying to stuff your stockings? Has Santa not responded to any of your letters since moving out of your parents’ house?

We know your pain.

That’s why the Notable elves have been hard at work trying to make your life easier by making a list of gifts that are sure to put a snow-white smile on your man’s mug.

Obviously every guy is different and we’ll never know your man quite like you do. But we’re confident that there’s something on this list he’ll love.

Prices range from as low as $7 to as high as $500, so budget is a big factor here. But you know what they say: “It’s the thought that counts…as long as after the thought, you buy something kind of expensive.”

If you know of any other great products that ladies should be looking at for their men, let us know in the comments. But for now, here’s almost everything the man in your life could ever want…   

A King’s Crown Hand-Crafted Deer-Antler Razor
Now available for delivery in Canada, King’s Crown is the Bentley of men’s grooming gear. Most guys don’t know they want a razor with a handle made of deer antler. But believe us: they do. They also have Nickel and Ox-Horn options.

A Smarter ‘WiFi Kettle’
Yes, this is exactly what this sounds like; a kettle you can start boiling by pressing a button on a phone app. YOU CAN EVEN SET AN ALARM SO THAT IT AUTOMATICALLY STARTS BOILING WATER THE SECOND YOU WAKE UP. You’re welcome.

A SPGBK Watch Made of Wood
Despite the current popularity of pocket-watches that look a lot like cell phones, most guys still love cool wrist-watches. Rolex, Tag, and Breitling will always hit home with the boys, but having a unique, more rugged and rustic option for under $100 is something many guys who love life outside a suit can appreciate. 

A Bottle-Opener & Cap-Catcher
This is one of those things that every time a guy uses it somewhere, they think, “This is so awesome” and then for some reason, they never get one for themselves. You’ll most commonly find them at cottages, but there’s no reason your man can’t have one right at home. Customization is an option.

An Entry-Level Go-Pro
Most people don’t realize they want a Go-Pro until they have a Go-Pro. For only $120 you can get things Go-ing with a basic waterproof model and then add on from there; 3-way mounts, Goosenecks, Chest-Harnesses. Trust us; for a few hundred bucks you can’t go wrong making sure your boo never utters the phrase, “Man, I wish I had a Go-Pro for that…”

A Pair of Saxx Kinetic Boxers
There’s exercising and then there’s having a cloud snuggle with your groin. The latter is what a man gets when he wears athletic underwear that may or may not have been designed by the same people behind Aston Martin. Two words: game changer. Extra points if you tell him they’re from you and his mom.

A Gigantic Customized Glass Mug
One thing most men like in extra-large sizes, beyond the obvious, are their beverages. Whether it’s beer, fountain sodas, or water, the bigger the better. If your fine man doesn’t have a stein on hand, you probably can’t go wrong sneaking one into the cupboard this December. Worst case scenario, you end up using it for guests or flowers you don’t like.

Bose Bluetooth Headphones
At home, on a plane, at the office or even in the gym; unless your hunny-bunny has a hang-up about how his ears appear, this is one gift unlikely to go unused. For some reason, chords have come back into style. That’s a mistake. Get back on the Blue.

The Homemade Gin Kit
All you need is 2 bottles of Vodka, this kit, three days of patience and one day of recovery. Ok, make that two days of recovery. But that’s well worth the experience of producing your very own home-blend, small-batch gin. And if you want to get really fancy, you can use an online service to get your own labels made.

A Son of Hibachi Portable Grill
While everyone knows that eating nothing but uncooked meat is the ultimate sign of manhood, a close second is being able to cook meat literally anywhere. Perfect for travel, outdoor events, and not wanting to go outside to use a BBQ in February, this is one gift that’s tough to hi-‘botch’.

Thirdman Records Portable Record Player
Records are officially back in style. But even if you don’t agree, portable sound-systems that play music from records, USB-connected-devices, and cell phones and come with software for ripping records and audio-editing are always going to be awesome. The suitcase alone is worth the purchase.

Sriracha2Go: The Travel-Sized Sriracha Bottle
It’s a 1.25 ounce pocket-sized bottle of everyone’s favorite hot-sauce. Big enough to get you through a whole day’s worth of spicy meals and small enough to bring in your travel carry-on. It also comes with a key-chain hook.

An Igloo Cooler with Speakers in It
This is such a no-brainer for anyone that associating it with men almost feels forced. There are a few cheaper options or if you want to go really high end, you can snag A JamCooler. But long story short, gifts don’t get much cooler than this.

Mighty Mug
It’s a coffee mug…that you can’t knock over. This is one gift that will make sure the wrong Joe never gets in anyone’s pants. Listen, we don’t understand it either. The bottom of the mug is made with some kind of natural-adhesive-voodoo-magic-coating that prevents lateral shifts while allowing seamless vertical extraction. Some might even call it “a Christmas miracle”…

The Mooseknuckles ‘Rocker Dave Shirt’
The great thing about heavy plaid shirts is that they have barged back “in style” but haven’t lost an ounce of masculinity in the process. They also look good on just about everyone, including the girlfriend who borrows it from their boyfriend. Plaid shirts are everywhere, but the best quality and fit out there at the moment is probably The Rocker Dave.   


Cover image: istock.com/alphaspirit

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