A New Website Let’s You Watch All Your Favourite 90s TV Shows For Free

Something life changing has happened.

You can now pretend you’re not as old as you are with a nostalgic blast from the past in the form of your favourite 90s TV shows, all in one spot.

Oh, and for free.

Enter My 90s TV. Exit your productivity.

The site features everything you loved about Saturday morning or after school TV. This includes beloved childhood classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pokemon, the trailer for Boys on the Side, and some of your favourite sports moments.

Perhaps the best part for some, the shows are complete with their old school commercials.

The site is simple to navigate (like, basic as hell), with shows divided by year and genre – from cartoons and soap operas, to dramas, newscasts, and talk shows.

You can either revisit your favourites via the site’s virtual vintage TV set, or on YouTube.

Side note: once you’re done with the 90s, you can also check out My 80s TV and My 70s TV


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