A New Reason to Swipe? Tinder Just Made a ‘Major’ Change

The dating app everyone loves to hate (but loves to love more) just made a major change.

Now, you can “super like” someone on Tinder.


It turns out that polling on ‘really like’, ‘like a lot but don’t love’, and ‘totally, really, like’ just weren’t as popular as super like.

Previously, Tinder – known for its simplicity and efficiency in our “hook-up culture” – gave you two options when it came to connecting with potential matches: you swipe right to like someone, and left to dismiss them. Now, you can – wait for it – swipe up to “super like” someone.

That’s a pretty huge game-changer, right?

Well, Tinder thinks so.

In a blog post published in September, the company said that, based on tests, if you “super like” someone, you’re three times more likely to match with them. Not to mention, conversations that begin with a “super like” are 70 per cent longer on average.

But, don’t get to “super-like” happy – you only get one a day, so use it wisely. And no, they don’t carry over. The only way around it is to pay for more.

The feature was previously tested in Australia and will roll out across the globe today…and more importantly, tonight.