A New Canadian App is Reducing Distracted Driving Incidents

A new app from Calgary’s App Caolony hopes to end distracted driving with just one tap.

Basically, it serves as your personal secretary as you keep your eyes on the road to avoid a potential accident or ticket.

One Tap uses GPS technology to handle incoming correspondence while you’re driving, replying back to callers and texters to let them know you’re behind the wheel. Callers are also sent directly to your inbox, should they choose to leave a message.

When in “Driver Mode” (which may be set manually or automatically), you can also enter your drive time or destination, and the app will let people know when they can expect you to call them back.

Once you reach your destination, all of your alerts and notifications (depending on how popular you are) are collected and ready for you to quickly review.

The app also allows you to check the driving status of friends and family before calling.

App Colony founder Ted Hellard says the app was developed in response to the growing number of distracted driver incidences, pointing to the estimated 660,000 Canadians in any given second of the day who are either talking or texting on their phone while in the car.

The app is available free of charge – so go download it now.

If you need extra incentive, check out this PSA, then watch this.  


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