A New App Will Let You Avoid Paying for Parking in Montreal

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s not as long as drivers actually keep participating.

Local Montrealer Accountant Oliver Bleuer was fed up (just like the rest of us) with credit-card enabled parking meters that are making the city more money than they should. But instead of just bitching about it, he created GetPrkd to help with this issue.

Thanks to this new app, there is now a way for Montreal drivers to share unused parking time with others without the city profiting from it. How does this benefit you? Well, you now have the opportunity to park for free once in a while.

So how does the app actually function? It’s very simple, all you have to do is take a picture of your parking ticket and upload the photo to GetPrkd. The next driver that parks in your space can check the app to see if there is any time remaining on your ticket.


Easy, peasy, and cost effective.

The best part? GetPRKD is free to use and requires no sign-up.

As if this wasn’t genius enough, Bleuer will also be donating 50% of the profits from the app to local charities and using the other half to build more apps that will help out Montreal.

To get more info on GetPrkd, visit the site and start saving. Just don’t forget to share too…