A Model on ‘The Price is Right’ Just Accidentally Gave Away a Free Car

The Price Is Right will be 60 next year. Yes, 60.

And you see a lot of things in that time. Millions of dogs and cats spayed and newtered for example.

But what you don’t see is a model screwing up to the tune of nearly $22,000.

Seemingly in her own world on stage, model Manuela Arbelaez casually revealed where a ‘new car’ was waiting before a game was actually over. 

And while both the contestant and host Drew Carey seemed unsure of what was going to happen next, Arbelaez knew exactly how to handle the situation.

She hid her shame on stage. And it was priceless. 

For those of you wondering, no, Arbelaez was not fired (or even in trouble) for her mistake. Which makes sense, considering that when we’re two minutes late for work we get dirty looks…


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