A Memorial Was Created on Yonge St. for a Dead Raccoon When the City Forgot About it

Dying in public is never easy for anyone – not even raccoons.

Yesterday, around 9am Jason Wager notified the city that there was a dead raccoon on Yonge St. The city responded in good time, and apparently Animal Services had been notified and would soon be on their way to pick up the poor little fellow.

Not so.

Over the next 12 hours the raccoon continued to lay on the street. And Torontonians decided something needed to be done. Soon a note, then a flower, and finally a framed picture were all placed beside the dead animal.

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Then, what else, a hashtag: #DeadRaccoonTO Soon candles and a donation box followed. It seemed Toronto finally had something to rally behind. But then Animal Services finally showed up and took the raccoon away. Presumably, tears were shed.

Raccoon update: he’s still here. People have set up a memorial, some leaving farewell messages.

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It’s what he would have wanted, after all.

Hopefully he’s finally happy in that big trash can in the sky. RIP #DeadRaccoonTO, you really showed how much this city can come together when the words HOV are not involved.