A Look at JNBY’s Spring Collection

If you feel like it’s time to clean out your closet and start fresh with a few new pieces for spring, then you should really visit JNBY in the CORE Shopping Center to get a few ideas. This week we stopped by the new Calgary shop to celebrate the creative new collection with a few bubbles compliments of Vine Arts. It was refreshing to see so many great outfits and accessories in vibrant blues, yellows and oranges on the racks.  

Based out of Hangzhou, China, JNBY is known for clothing that is free-flowing and features natural looking materials that speak to the style of young professionals that like to dress with a little flair and originality. 

This season the designers have created an assortment of simple but artistic looking knit sweaters, capsule dresses and classic blazers. If you’re looking for a signature item to jazz up your wardrobe, ask about the Wave Vest in Royal Blue that can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down for the evening with a pair of jeans and strappy sandals.

With the spring collection, JNBY has referenced architecture as being a huge inspiration and you can see this echoed in the beautiful shapes, silhouettes and lines of their clothing. This season you’ll also love the popular floral print that has been worked into several pieces and the vintage look of the material used on items like the short-sleeved silk blouse with chevron detailing. 

Conveniently located downtown, it’s quick and easy to stop into JNBY on your lunch break or right after work. We guarantee you’ll find something here to celebrate looking your best during the warm months ahead. Even if you’re already stocked up with spring accessories, this is still a great chance to take advantage of terrific deals on all those fabulous items from their fall and winter collection. 

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