A Huge Change Could be Coming to Your Facebook Newsfeed Soon

There are some major rumours swirling on the Facebook front.

The social media outlet could be testing the biggest change to its newsfeed since it launched. Apparently, Facebook has plans to split the feed up into separate topics. At least, this is according to screenshots that reveal versions of the new look being tested.

Some users are reportedly already seeing their newsfeed being divided up into categories, which can include topics like TV and movies, music or travel. Those with the new feed are asked to add different subtopics to those particular feeds. For example, a “TV & Movies” feed offers the option to check off the film and shows you like, while a “Music” tab invites the same.

Facebook will then show stories and posts about these topics, with many options for what people can add to the feeds. The system functions similar to Facebook’s ad preferences, likely drawing on the same technology. The feed will presumably work by categorizing any post according to the things included in it.

Whether Facebook will roll out the feature to a larger audience remains to be seen. One thing is certain though: it would definitely serve to de-clutter your newsfeed as you will decide what will trend on your own timeline.